Our Technology

Biometric SmartWear

Our platform allows any business to pair comfortable,everyday apparel that captures medical-grade biometric data,with revolutionary AI algorithms and technology.As a result,businesses can change their approach to and within the health market..


Our apparel picks up the body's 狗万提款流畅signals using strategically placed ECG,Respiration,and Physical Activity sensors..

Recording Module

The recording module transmits the 狗万提款流畅signal to your smartphone,live..

Cloud + AI

This rich,context-based data is sent to the Cloud to be further analysed using advanced algorithms and AI..

Common Questions

Let us answer your questions..

How does the OM狗万提款流畅signal platform work??

We capture bio狗万提款流畅signals through nearly invisible sensors that are imbedded in the apparel itself.A small detachable Bluetooth-enabled hardware module is clipped onto the apparel,and sends data in real time to a user's smartphone.Once received by the smartphone,the data can be used live in an app,and it's also streamed directly to the Cloud,where it can be further analyzed using advanced machine learning algorithms..

What certifications do you have??

Our hardware is UL-,FCC-,and CE-certified.Both the hardware module's design and its manufacturing are inspected to earn these standards..

Our fabric is certified OEKO-TEX® | STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials,intermediate products,and end products at all stages of production..

How do you record and analyze biometrics??

The data captured by our SmartWear is recorded and streamed wirelessly and in real time to the consumer's smartphone,using a Bluetooth-enabled recording module.Since a consumer's data is streamed live to the mobile app,consumers can follow their progress in real time.The data is also automatically sent to the Cloud,where it can be analyzed further..

How long can I record data without recharging the recording module??

SmartWear data recording lasts for over 50 hours before needing a recharge..

Is the recording module waterproof??

It is splash- and sweat-resistant..

If you still have questions,please get in touch with us..

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